From Electrek: Tesla received only a fraction of the subsidies the Big Three and oil...

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    Sep 28, 2016
    Tesla received only a fraction of the subsidies the Big Three and oil industry have received


    In light of the recent smear campaign launched against Tesla and Elon Musk by a conservative group backed by a Trump propagandist, it’s worth taking a look at which companies involved in the same industries as Musk and Tesla are receiving the most public subsidies. After all, it’s the main aspect on which these smear campaigns are based.

    The group ‘Citizens for the Republic’ targeted Musk and Tesla for taking subsidies from the government, which they referred to as “defrauding American taxpayers”. But according to their manifesto, they are against all subsidies, which is something a lot of people can get behind, but it raises the question of why are they targeting Musk and Tesla?

    If you want to campaign against subsidies, it would make sense to target all subsidies or at least the corporations that are getting away with the lion’s share of them and contrary to what has long been reported, Tesla is actually receiving only a small fraction of what the Big Three automakers and oil companies are receiving. more…

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