Importing from USA to Canada? Think again!

Discussion in 'Canada' started by Captain Semtex, Jul 26, 2017.

  1. Captain Semtex

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    May 24, 2016
    Vancouver, Canada
    While looking at "My Telsa" and wondering what colour I will choose for my M3, I suddenly realised I could easily change my contact address to a relative that lives in LA... and I wondered if that might accelerate when I receive my M3? I live in BC and reviewing both the ICBC and Transport Canada websites all indicated that the whole process of importing a new car from the US was quite straight-forward.

    I also figured that as Telsa cars are software controlled, any differences between USA and Canadian requirements (eg daytime running lights, kph, etc) would be trivially easy to configure.

    But, as part of the checklist, I came across the Transport Canada list of admissible vehicles from the USA and when I clicked on Tesla Motors I was shocked to discover that only limited versions of the Roadster can be imported into Canada. The Model S and Model X explicitly cannot be imported! (See It states,
    "Tesla Motors has informed Transport Canada that Tesla service centers are currently not in a position to support the substantial modifications required to bring U.S. Model S and Model X vehicles into compliance with Canadian requirements."

    Of course there is no mention of the M3, but I was very surprised by this.
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  2. Bernie_J

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    Jan 21, 2018
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    Captain, My Captain - of course you are mostly right...vehicles being imported into Canada have to comply with the RIV Program managed by Transport Canada When they say Model X and S are not eligible what that really means is the S and X manufactured for the USA market will not comply to Canadian standards without "extensive modifications". If you buy an S or X in Canada that was designed for the Canadian market you are fine. In the case of the M3 - Telsa needs to get out front of that and get the car certified for Canada - highly doubtful that the US configuration will meet Canadian Standards - but - also highly possible that because it is highly configurable through software that a Canadian version would not be that big a deal (wishful thinking). To push this agenda we need one of our M3 owner friends in America - or a transplanted Canuck to make a move back along with their car and push the need so that Tesla creates that Canadian config. If we have to wait until Telsa enters the Canadian market on their own - well that's going to take longer (they have no shortage of USA orders right now)...Don't get me started on the EV rebates in Canada - different topic but same problems - and it all starts with Telsa getting it together and making the right applications and configuration....Hey good news you can but a Tesla Wall Charger and get a rebate in Ontario ... .... now if only we had a M3 to plug into the charger...
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