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    Hi all,

    I received this email from a Brazilian outfit asking for an interview with a forum member(s). If anyone is interested feel free to get in contact with them, their email is included. If you could kindly give the forum a plug we’d really appreciate it ;) and let us know who participated and when it was conducted so we can close this notice.



    The following message has been sent from Pedro Conte <> via the contact form at Tesla Model 3 Owners Club.

    Interview invitation
    Hi there,

    A Brazilian crew will be visiting the San Francisco area on the last week of March to record a documentary about the future of mobility and how Brazil is preparing itself for it. The main idea is to discuss topics like electric vehicles (still something new here in Brazil), AVs, ride sharing, car sharing, bike sharing, logistics, vtols, drones and other topics that we believe should be better discussed and known in our country.

    I am the Content Coordinator at PARAR Institute, a Brazilian non-profit organization that works with corporate mobility and traffic safety in Latin America. PARAR was founded five years ago and we've promoted more than 400 events since then (most of them free to the participants). The last one of these events, our 5th WTM Global Conference, gathered around 1k participants and over 40k live streaming spectators.

    PARAR is executing this documentary project in partnership with Quatro Rodas, the most important car magazine here in Brazil, a publication of Grupo Abril. We'll be traveling with two journalists (myself and a reporter from Quatro Rodas), film makers and a documentary director.

    We would love to speak with one of your members during this last week of March and talk about the Model3 and your expectations for the future of EVs and AVs. Would you be able to meet with us for a small interview on the 26th or 27th?

    Thank you very much!
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