May EV Sales Scorecard

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Jul 12, 2017
Campbell, CA
According to the InsideEV's monthly sales scorecard, May marked the 32nd month of consecutive year-over-year monthly sales gains for plug-in vehicles! Check out the full report and see the chart snapshot (pictured below), in its entirety, here.

Tesla takeaways
Three shutdowns have worked to make improvements to build quality and speed, and the Tesla Model 3 reached a higher level of production output. Tesla releases their data quarterly, though InsideEV's saw that the Model 3 stayed at the top in April, with an estimated 3,875 delivered, for a total of over 12,000 on the year. Tesla has sold an estimated 10,000 vehicles in March in the U.S. (6,000 were allocated to Model X and Model S).
More Tesla details at the link!