Misleading anti-EV study published

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Apr 20, 2016
Ontario, Canada
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There's an article at the dailymail that's reporting on a study about EVs and is spinning it in an anti-EV way. You can see it here:

Particulate Matter (PM) is produced by vehicles from tire wear and brake wear. These (PM) emissions are being "produced" by both EVs and ICEVs. The heavier the vehicle, the more particulate matter the vehicle produces. Since EVs are generally heavier than the corresponding ICEVs (think Ford Focus EV vs. Ford Focus) they "produce" more PM.

My thoughts:
It sounds reasonable, but the big flaw in this study is that they don't distinguish between what PM is actually created by the vehicle and what PM is just being kicked up off the road by the vehicle. A telling finding of the study is that EVs "produce" a substantial quantity of brake pad PM, but this doesn't make sense since EVs generally use regenerative braking and therefore use much less of their brakes.

The kicking-up the PM problem is a short-term problem, which would be reduced once we get rid of the ICE vehicles that are actually leaving this PM all over the roads.