Model S Cold Weather Range

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Dan Detweiler

Apr 8, 2016
Canton, Georgia
Not sure if this question belongs here or not. Moderators feel free to move this wherever is appropriate.

I have been driving a Volt for the last 4 years. While under ideal conditions I have seen as high as a 43 mile electric range but under normal conditions get about 32-34 miles, about a 20% reduction. When very cold I get as low as 25 miles, about 40% reduction.

I was wondering if these percentages are accurate with the Model S and thus be expected with my Model 3 when I get it. Trying to estimate real world range.

Thanks in advance for your replies.



M3OC Supporting Member
Apr 3, 2016
Annapolis, MD
I have an S85. The cold weather answer is less range but how much less depends. For short trips with a cold battery, much less. If it's very cold and you're using the heater even less. However, if you preheat the battery; use the seat warmers and keep the heat low it's manageable. I don't know the percentage. 20% is probably a good guess but could be twice that under bad conditions and cold battery.

When traveling across country in cold weather, we stay near the superchargers and warm the battery before we start out. Note that charging a very cold battery is slower. At home, we just warm the battery before we leave.

I hope this helps.