Multiple Calls from Tesla to Buy a Model 3 that I bought 6 Months Ago!

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May 7, 2018
marin county, california
Tesla Owner
Model 3
I love my Model 3 and am even a Tesla stockholder as I believe in the company. But boy do they make it difficult. After multiple mechanical issues in the first 6 months, 40 minute waits to talk to Tesla, and a myriad of other issues which I've put up with gladly because I LOVE MY MODEL 3, today I started getting multiple calls from Tesla asking me if I want to buy ... a Tesla. Growth is messy, change is messy, and Tesla is one messy company that's doing some amazing things, but they are sure many miles away from being a well-tuned machine. I'm guessing extreme executive turnover is a contributing factor.

Really hoping we see the end of these growing pains in 2019 and they settle into being a better-organized and better-run company.