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    Jun 22, 2018
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    This past weekend we had a road trip planned to the Detroit, Michigan area, around a 500km trip each way. The evening before, I set the charging range to max and in the morning I was greeted with 498km available. My first ever scheduled supercharger stop was scheduled just outside of Windsor and was about 400km away.

    Some observations on my way and during my first supercharger stop:
    1. Damn those supercharges are fast! My stop was less than 30 minutes.
    2. I lost about 50km of range over the trip. I was mostly moving at about 125km/hr, so I suspect the loss was due to a heavier foot.
    3. To my surprise the cost to add 350km to my range was 80 cents! I realized that the area is heavily powered by wind, so I suspect the cost savings was passed on to the supercharger customers.

    My next supercharger stop was the next day in Auburn Hills, MI. I wanted to top up before my trip back in order to get me closer to home and around dinner time when I had to stop again. I added about 200km of range and the cost was $6.50.

    My last stop was about 200km from home and I pulled in with about 65km left. It was dinner time, so we timed it well. I dropped my family off across the street at the restaurant and went to park the car. I was lucky enough to bump into another Model 3 owner who was gracious enough to drive me back across the road (as it had started to rain). Love the Tesla community!

    I added 300km of range and the cost was $9.76. Total trip was about 1200km and not supercharger cost was under $20. Not too bad at all. :)

    BTW, is there a way to pull up any supercharger data, costs vs. mileage charged or something to that extent?

    Overall, it was a great experience and I'm now more open to hitting the open road for a longer trip.
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