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    Back story

    It's been a rough past few days, battling the tough decision of what color to get. Let's start at the beginning.

    We had an initial day 1 reservation for the 3. It was originally for my wife. As specs, and various news came out (this was years ago, at this point), she decided she did not want one so we cancelled it. I wasn't until relatively recently that we became interested in EVs, and Teslas in particular, again.

    We have two young children and were initially looking at the X. While a compelling option, we don't feel it's right for us at the moment.

    I drive a special-to-me 3 Series BMW, the current(-ish, there's been a mild refresh) F30. It is manual, as all my cars have been (with a slight blip in the late 90s when I briefly owned an Infiniti Q45 which proceeded to snap its timing belt and grenade its V8 engine). For all practical purposes, I've driven manuals only, by choice: Mercedes (my 1st car! a 190E 5MT), Nissan, VW, Honda (mad love for Honda!), BMW, among others. I've driven Manuals in NYC traffic, in Miami traffic, and now in Los Angeles traffic, as well as all over Europe, Central and non-US North America. I can't stand autotragics (see? ;) ) and won't have it any other way, traffic be damned.

    Unless, there is no need for a transmission at all! I am in tech (software engineering), and love to take all types of things apart, including car engines. I love motorsport, I've done some light to medium amateur motorsport stuff myself (numerous AutoX, some track days, plus BMW has some good paid programs I've done), understand the physics involved in high-performance driving and am all about the technology. I do not care for old cars & old technology -- all old cars do for me is make me cough; as a childhood asthmatic I need to be careful around exhaust, and old ICE cars cause me physical pain faster than modern ones.

    Right, back to transmissions -- transmissions are a technical solution to a technical limitation. You have to gear the slower-spinning end (the engine) in order to make it work with the faster spinning end (the wheels). If you didn't have the technical limitation (consumer-grade ICEs will seize above 9k RPM), you don't need to solve it, silly! I am very happy to be one of the few lucky souls that will completely skip over automatics! (Even though if I wasn't jumping ship to EVs, my next car likely would be an autotragic; they've come a long way -- the 8ZF in particular, as found in most BMW products, is outstanding.)

    Right, so to keep with that, it's all about progress, the future, high tech, and new things. Being in technology I just can't see myself not having the latest technology -- I giggle like a little girl when the technology is exciting! As a motorsport fanatic, I cannot wait to drop things like transmissions, exhaust, revving, waiting for boost, oil changes, spark plugs, all the relics of ICE technology, and pick up instant maximum torque at all times, single pedal driving most of the time via regen braking, disabling the brain-dead "creep" which is found in autotragics so that it acts like manual cars (car should not move unless pushing on the accelerator! creep is another technical limitation artifact), not having to breathe in my own exhaust (and sparing my children from the same), not having to go/do oil changes, not having to visit gas stations which have fumes that sometimes make me mildly sick, and so forth. Generally, I am eager to experience what I consider the best personal transportation advance currently available. This can't be a Bolt or Leaf -- I am looking for a high-performance vehicle which, albeit costly, is in the realm that supercars were just a few short years ago. I see the future, there is no holding back the mighty electron, one of the primary actors of our universe!

    I was looking at S too, but (to me) it looks dated and in need of an update. It's also heavy[er] and I've always tried to keep it light, going to the 3 is SUV (CUV) territory already, do not want to drive a vehicle even heavier than that (unless it's an actual SUV with a lot more space, like the X). But, ultimately, I feel that for me, the coin I would drop on an S is not worth what's currently on offer. So, I was going to wait, but then this Model 3 thing planted itself in my brain when I got word of the P3D.

    So, here I am. Here's the car I currently drive:

    Order History
    • as previously stated, we put a reservation in on day 1, but cancelled it a few months later
    • reserved 6/10/2018
    • did not get an invite email, missed ordering on 6/27 because I didn't think to check (thought email would come)
    • eventually ordered 6/28
    • got hit by intense indecision about color
    • not just color, you understand..
    • but, a color plan!
    • do I wrap it? researched that for a while
    • decided I will get free black and wrap it
    • then started looking, really looking, at wrapped cars
    • on the West Side of Los Angeles, in the Santa Monica area, there are lots of expensive toys on the streets
    • decided the wrapped look is not for me, not a fan, can tell it's a wrap a mile away and ruins it for me for some reason
    • plan change, no longer free black which will be color changed via wrap
    • what do to?
    • last black car I had I loved but I remb how hard it was to maintain. fingerprints were visible from opening the door. I have kids, realize I don't give that much of a shit about cars.
    • no time for taking care of black, and, in the end, it's just plain ol' black
    • go into frenzy
    • do I get blue? my current BMW is a very special blue (Estoril Blue, pic above -- that car HAD to be that color otherwise I would not have gotten it, and had to be manual and with the MSport package); will be hard to live with a lesser blue
    • consider doing custom paint job
    • remb I have kids and don't give that much of a shit about cars
    • must pick OEM color to stick with for the life of the car
    • then maybe front/full PPF? TBD
    • what color?
    • go on an MSM trip
    • ultimately back out, not seeing myself in it
    • go on Red trip; red is my favorite color
    • but I've been saving it for my Ferrari if/when that happens
    • this ain't no Ferrari, not even in color
    • hmm
    • but it looks alright
    • it's a special red in its own right
    • WHAT TO DO?
    • realize the TM3's shape lends itself to certain colors better than others
    • for the first time in my life, White is a possibility! what!
    • I say freak it, let me go with Blue. I'll take a side by side picture with my F30 EBII
    • change order
    • dang, it moved me from Aug-Oct to Sep-Nov. DANG!
    • lost a month!
    • oh well
    • not actually in a huge rush. as long as I get the rebate
    • now that the deed is done, I realize I can change stuff again, won't hurt anything
    • go on soul searching trip down 100s of browser tabs, 1000s of pictures & videos
    • TM3 Blue is just not what I need, I just.. can't. Estoril Blue or bust. comes down to being too dark in most lighting conditions. barely too dark, I don't want it too light. it's hard to explain. it's just not it..
    • decide I'm gonna pick a color I've never had before! that's Red, White, or MSM, and MSM is out
    • Red & White, hmm
    • watch some more videos and look at pics
    • did I tell you red is my favorite color?
    • and I love the contrast between red & black, or dark colors. like the aero wheels, with or w/o caps (but in particular the latter)!
    • some chrome delete, tint, looks pretty good
    • but man, white looks good too
    • and on the P, you can get the white interior
    • white on white, hmm
    • what's another $1,500 here, another $1,500 there..
    • hmm
    • the red, like the blue, is just missing something
    • can't put my finger on it
    • I have deep feelings about colors, especially about my favorite color, red. some colors just don't work on certain cars. for example, I would never get my F30 BMW in red, any red. just doesn't work on it. the kicker is, the TM3 lends itself well to red. but, I care so much about red, and the TM3 red is "only" 98% for me. I need 100%, or 5 9s..
    • alright, this is it
    • not touching it again
    • P3D WHT WHTINT FSD 18" it is!
    • order last modified 7/6/2018. not changing it!
    • I swear!
    • never had a white car before!
    So, there you have it folks. I felt I needed to share this, more as therapy, as I've driven myself, and to a certain extent my wife, crazy.

    To start this thread, for a car that I don't yet have, and for a model I have not even test driven yet (100% ok tho), I picked a name! I've always thought of cars as female, but don't think I've ever named them before. Here's to new things!

    Her name will be White Fang
    , am hoping for an easy 2018 birth!
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    Jun 28, 2018
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    Wheel/Tire Decision

    Primary considerations (I am a performance-oriented driver, always function over form):
    • ride quality
    • unsprung weight
      • primarily, rim weight -- tire weight across the same tire model doesn't increase much, or at all in some cases, going from 18" -> 19" -> 20"
    • least important, but still a consideration, price -- replacing a 20" tire of the same time model will usually be more than a 19", which in turn will be more than a 18"
      • since this car is supposed to do 0-60 in 3.5s and it's AWD.. I may replace a few tires.
    The Performance Pack upgrade on the P3D is completely out of the question. The OEM rims will likely weigh at least 30 lb., which is at least 9 lb. heavier than the 18" OEM Aero rim (w/o Aero cover). This being unsprung weight, it's a big deal and definitely not for me since I'm getting this car for its performance prowess. Being that it's unlikely to have a sports tuned suspension anywhere near what a high end 3 Series BMW, never mind an M3/M4, has, pretty much the worst thing you can do for performance is increase unsprung weight by 50%.

    20s in sedan size (remb, the outer circumference of the wheel+tire package remains unchanged -- so you just end up with less, or "lower profile," sidewall) will result in a rough ride if you live anywhere with less than perfect roads. Out of the question in a place like LA.

    19s are not available as an option on the P3D, which is a shame. I would still go for the 18s, but a lot of people who get the P3D and opt for the PerfPack will end up with an unpleasant experience with 20s on this car -- offering 19s would be a more sensible tradeoff between looks and performance (or, lack thereof).

    19s & 20s will have an advantage in a few select performance metrics, such as cornering and, to a lesser extent, braking. These are 1% occurrences which are not worth a permanent tradeoff for; and a lot of it can be offset by replacing the stock MXM4s on the 18" Aeros with the same type of tire that comes on the PerfPack, namely the Michelin PS4S. The width is the same across all three sizes, 235(mm), the only place the same tire would possibly perform marginally better is in at-the-limit cornering, shorter sidewall can help in an insignificant, but measurable way. Considering these are not even proper sports cars, it makes zero sense to sweat something like a 1-2% difference at the limit for a single performance metric, if it means you have to live with permanent compromises such as harsh ride and poor performance due to much higher unsprung weight.

    I plan on keeping the MXM4s for a bit while I have my fun with launches and replace them with PS4Ses (or similar, Conti DW is on par IMO) once the MXM4s give out. I do not plan on replacing the 18" rims; I plan on driving w/o the Aero caps in the city (my day to day), and put them on for highway stints (Vegas, baby!). LA doesn't get below 45F very often so I can run summer-only tires year-long.
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    Congrats on your final decision! It looks like you are certainly passionate about cars. Looking forward to your opinion once you take delivery. Enjoy! :D
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