No, the Chevy Bolt EV hasn’t been delayed, deliveries are still planned for end of the year

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Sep 28, 2016

As the first relatively affordable all-electric car with a range of more than 200 miles, the Chevy Bolt EV is a highly anticipated vehicle. Just like with the Tesla Model 3, any confirmed delay would be big news, which is probably why several readers pointed me to this report from Cleantechnica claiming that pre-orders have been delayed and deliveries have been pushed to January 2017.

But the problem is that it’s not true. We reached out to GM and a spokesperson confirmed to Electrek that deliveries are still planned for “later in 2016”. more…

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Apr 2, 2016
Vancouver, WA
Tesla Owner
Model 3
one of the commenters in the Cleantechnica article that was linked pointed out a Car & Driver article on the Bolt that had an interesting way of pointing out a negative and making it sound slightly positive. Maybe the C&D driver was not all that impressed with the Bolt but told to write it up... here's just a few of the lines that jumped out to me (along with my running commentary):

"In case you haven’t heard, this is a pure battery-powered electric with no combustion to drive you home when the juice runs low."
Probably not going to re-assure those not familiar with EVs
"Chevy says it reaches 60 mph in less than seven seconds, which is quicker than every other pure electric we’ve tested except the BMW i3 and the Tesla Roadster, Model S, and Model X."
So beats every other except all the others except the Leaf - maybe C&D didn't drive the Leaf... (I know there are other BEVs out there, but obviously their comment makes it sound like there are hundreds more out there)
"this front-drive hatchback tears out of the hole and scratches for traction in bends."
"According to Tavel, the 200-hp motor’s output had to be trimmed at times to diminish torque steer. While passing a tractor-trailer outside GM’s Milford proving grounds, we feel exactly what he’s talking about. Those who summon all the loose electrons for acceleration will need more than a couple of pinkies on the steering wheel."
Ill tuned traction?
"When GM’s president announced that the battery pack accounts for 23 percent of the Bolt’s estimated $37,500 base price (before federal tax credits), there was universal head scratching over any potential return on investment. Our guess: The value of zero-emissions credits to be reaped will exceed the inevitable per-unit losses."
For a company questioning Tesla's business viability, doesn't sound like they make very smart deals with their vendors - or give too much of the good stuff to the vendors.
"According to Tavel, at least 40 miles of the Bolt’s 200-mile EPA-rated range comes from regeneration, which necessitates recovering the maximum amount of energy during deceleration."
Does Tesla count of 20% of their EPA coming from regen? Gut feeling guess would be that if regen was included at all, it should be more like 5-10%.
"While there are three belts in back, there’s only enough width to carry that many kids"
See included pix below of the Model ☰ and the Bolt back seats - one looks like one you would not mind inviting friends/parents/co-workers to sit in, the other looks like where you would put grocery bags and pre-teen kids only (and the molded plastic 1990s look on all the hard surfaces :confounded:)
"Tavel pleaded no comment when we asked the purpose of the spare-tire-shaped well at the bottom of the cargo compartment."
no comment.....
"Plugging into a 120-volt outlet is convenient but ineffective for replenishing range within an average human’s life span. The better choice is the optional 240-volt AC charger fed by a 32-amp circuit at home (or work), which, according to Chevy, replenishes 25 miles of range per hour and tops off a fully depleted pack in nine hours."
So the standard will be 120v charging that is not practical. For an extra cost can upgrade to 240 (still limited to 32A) and take 9 hours to charge. Tesla's Model S charge calc lists 240V 40A charge 200 miles in 6 ¾ hours.
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Energy Curmudgeon
May 11, 2016
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"According to Tavel, at least 40 miles of the Bolt’s 200-mile EPA-rated range comes from regeneration, which necessitates recovering the maximum amount of energy during deceleration."
This is silly. The EPA test specifies speeds and durations, regen for the test is what it is. What *you* get is always dependent on how you drive (including deceleration). YMMV is the phrase of art. There is no particular reason to think that any particular car is going to perform differently in most real world conditions,compared to all other cars. If there was, car manufacturers would complain (rightly) and get the test changed to be more fair.

Thank you kindly.