Prices of Car features?

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How much are you willing to pay for the Model 3?

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Apr 12, 2016
Turlock, California
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Model 3
As a first time buyer, I am speculating what the price ranges are for the additional options to add to the car. The prices I am about to state are per the Model S and Model X. Correct me if I am wrong and add other options that I have missed below. (Disclaimer - some of these packages will not be available simply due to the fact that the Model 3 is meant to be an affordable vehicle. Some of the trims and interior options will probably be different when the time comes.)

  • Motor options
    • Dual Motor AWD - approximately $5,000
    • Max Range - N/A
    • Max Performance - N/A
  • Autopilot - $3,000
  • Premium Upgrade Package - $3,000
  • Smart Air Suspension - $2,500
  • Subzero Weather Package - $1,000
  • Ultra High Fidelity Sound - $2,500
  • Rear Facing seats (if available) - $3,000
  • High Amperage Charger Upgrade $1,500
  • Colors (If available)
    • Solid Black - STOCK
    • Solid White - STOCK
    • Titanium Metallic - $1,000
    • Midnight Silver Metallic - $1,000
    • Obsidian Black Metallic - $1,000
    • Deep Blue Metallic - $1,000
    • Silver Metallic - $1,000
    • Pearl White Multi-Coat - $1,500
    • Red Multi-Coat - $1,500
  • Matte Colors
    • Black - N/A
    • Silver - N/A
    • Green - N/A
  • Roofs
    • Body Colored Roof - Stock
    • Panoramic Roof - $1,500
    • All Glass Rood - N/A
  • Wheels - N/A (Might be releasing new type of wheels and rims in the coming months)
  • Interior Seats and Trim (Disclaimer, Due to Model 3 being a cheaper model and more affordable vehicle, Some of these options will/will not be available.)
    • Multi-Pattern Black Seats - STOCK
    • Black Next Generation Seats - $2,500
    • Tan Next Generation Seats - $2,500
    • Grey Next Generation Seats - $2,500
    • Matte Obeche Wood Decor - $750
    • Glossy Obeche Wood Decor - $750
    • Dark Ash Wood Decor - STOCK
    • Figured Ash Wood Decor - $750
    • Carbon Fiber Decor - $1,000
  • Towing package (if available) - N/A (has to be paired with Smart Air Suspension)
  • Accessory Hitch (if available) - $200
Based off of these prices, I personally would love to have the silver paint for the car, AWD Dual Motor package, and the Premium package (navigation, etc...). If the car is below $50,000 with the upgrades I want, I will be a happy man.



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Apr 5, 2016
Phoenix, AZ
From all the items you listed, the only one i am really interested would be,
  • Premium Upgrade Package - $3,000 (what is in this package?)
  • Panoramic Roof - $1,500
AWD is way to expensive at this price and it may be an option depending on the price for Model 3. Generally i would want to go up to 40k, not to much past it.

Van Shrider

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Apr 2, 2016
Ohio USA
This is subject and a previous vote was covered in this thread.

As noted there. The model 3 may be much less expensive than those of the Model S. Buying power comes with volume purchasing . Elon has noted economy of scale many time. Everything costs less for Tesla when you are buying 10 times the amounts.
Further information can be found within the discussion within the other thread.