PSA: Don't blindly trust the knowledge of Tesla representatives

Discussion in 'Tesla Discussions' started by garsh, Jun 20, 2018.

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    It comes up on this board now and again. A member obtains some information from a Tesla representative that turns out to either be incorrect, or a guess, or maybe even what they themselves have been told. Keep in mind that the people who work in Tesla stores, service centers, and work the phones generally don't know more than we (as in, "us fanatics who spend hours on this forum") do. In fact, they often know *less* than we do.

    Some examples:

    I stopped by my local service/delivery center this week to take a look at the 3s on the lot. I talked to a couple of the sales associates. When I told them that I had ordered a Model 3 Performance, one of them talked about it having a larger rear motor (which we know not to be the case). He's probably thinking of the S P100D, which has a larger motor.

    On the effect that changing your build will have on delivery time. Note that this one is not proven correct or not - and there's really no way to prove it one way or the other.

    On the subject of whether the steering wheel is leather or not:
    And then at the 2018 Shareholders Meeting, this subject came up in the Q&A, and it was again confirmed that the Model 3 has a leather steering wheel (and that the S & X continue to have leather steering wheels as well). Additionally, we also learned at the shareholder's meeting that a customer could request a non-leather steering wheel, and Tesla has the capability to create one in their design center - they just can't make them at scale.
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