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Recommended Electricians for Charger Installation

Discussion in 'Canada' started by Tony_YYZ, Apr 10, 2017.

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    Caledon, ON
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    Hi All,

    Just wondering if we could get a list going of Electricians in various part of Canada that users have used to get their HPWC, NEMA 14-50, Juicebox, etc installed at reasonable rates. I have read a lot of stories about customers being price gouged once they hear you are installing a charger for a Tesla.

    Now that Model 3 is on the horizon and to help any new S & X owners it would be good to get some great contacts listed and offer them business if they are charging fair prices for quality work. I have 200a mp service to my house and would like to get a sub panel installed in the garage for a future charger or two once I order my EV of choice.
    Providing that is the most reasonable course of action rather than just running a single line from the breaker panel to the garage.

    If you have had any experience you would like to share please list them below and keep the following format so that it's easier to parse through. Thanks!

    Work Done:
    Price Paid:
    (Do not have to post price if you are not comfortable)

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