Tesla is secretly adding over 50 hp to the Model S P90D Ludicrous based on 3rd party...

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Sep 28, 2016

Last year, Tesla had some troubles with the way it calculated the power output of its electric vehicles. The company had to go in mediation with over hundred of its customers in Norway and eventually changed the advertised horsepowers of the Model S P85D from 691 hp to 463 hp.

The issues mostly revolved around defining electric power in terms of horsepower and the power output being dependent on the state of charge of the battery pack feeding the car’s two electric motors. The issues have been mostly resolved after Tesla updated its advertised numbers, but since the introduction of the Model X and the ‘Ludicrous mode’, things have been more complicated again… more…

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Apr 7, 2016
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This is ODD, as HP is always 1HP=746W for any electric motor. Divide kW*1000 by 746 to get HP.

The table in the article shows a max of 492kW which is 659HP. This is probably at the input terminals of the inverter.
So, taking efficiency into account, I'm guessing here, 659*.98*.95=614HP at the input to the gear reduction. It could not possibly be anywhere near 463HP at the wheels.