Tesla Model 3 Ceramic Coating or Clear Bra? Which and why?

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Sep 24, 2018
San Diego
Tesla Owner
As a life long car enthusiast who has enjoyed everything from BMW, to Posche to AMG and most everything else the coolest thing about the new Tesla "craze" is that there is an entirely new wave of enthusiasts. Enthusiasts love their cars and want them to remain as new or even strive to make them better than new!

If you've done some research about how to customize and protect your Model 3, you must have by now come across people discussing Ceramic Coatings and Clear Bra. I keep seeing the same questions arise time and time again. I also see a lot of wrong information being spread about ceramic coatings and clear bra and what your expectations should be when you choose one or the other.

I really encourage you to watch the video below if you are considering clear bra PPF or ceramic pro in San Diego County or elsewhere!