Thank you all!

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Michael Russo

MSM Team Founder, Midnight S≡R≡NITY rider
M3OC Supporting Member
Oct 15, 2016
Pau, France
Tesla Owner
Model S
To all you dear friends of the M3OC family:

I wanted to take a moment as I near the end of my second month on this site to thank every one of you for your contributions to M3OC, making it a most informative, fascinating and generally highly humorous place to be...
I have spent quite some time on board... probably more than I ever did on any social network and I enjoyed every minute of it!
A special word of gratitude to Trevor for launching this and for being so resourceful!! Great job!

The wait is still long, particularly for me as I was a late addition to the list... yet I know it will remain lively & exciting all the way through!! :)

Have a great day, evening or morning, whichever time you may read this... this has started in Ontario yet M3OC now reaches out to the entire world!! As will T≡SLA, and even more so with Model ≡ :cool: