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Washington credits & fees - FAQ -

Discussion in 'Northwest' started by MelindaV, May 10, 2016.

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    Charging Equipment Installation
    Here is the WA state sales tax exemption form that can be used for purchasing charging equipment & installation and EV batteries. If going into Tesla to purchase an extra UMC or WC bring the form with you. And At this time, the exemption goes thru 2020. The law can be read here.
    Puget Sound Energy customers can get up to a $500 rebate. It is limited to the first 5,000. More info and the submittal forms can be found here. (rebate program has ended as of 4/2017)

    Vehicle tax exemption (first $32k)
    EV vehicles with a base price $42,500 and below qualify for the first $32,000 to be tax exempt. This is on a rolling expiration that the DOR looks at the funds remaining quarterly and determines it's next expiration, but at this time looks like it will go thru mid 2019, but general reaction is it will be gone sooner. The exemption is also limited to 7,500 vehicles after 7/15/15.
    I have confirmed with the state the tax exemption does not need to take place at a WA Tesla store, so SW WA residents can take possession and have Tesla Portland calculate the correct sales tax. This can be read here.

    The latest summary report of the program to date can be viewed here (the report lists roughly 5,013 June 2015 thru June 2016 but it does not state how many of these qualified for the tax exemption and against the 7,500)

    Currently there is an additional $150/year surcharge for registering an EV. This is to take the place of the gas tax EVs are not contributing to. but no emissions testing! read more here.

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