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Contacted my service center (90 miles one way) to see about getting a repair. Was told phone queue wait was over one hour. Asked If I would like a callback, I agreed. It has been 3 days now and no callback. Not good service at all. I can understand busy and waiting for an appointment, I don't understand being ignored. Please, Elon fix this issue with customer service.
Installed a waterproof 12 volt power outlet in the Frunk. It was an interesting and enjoyable project. The outlet is fused an connects to the 12 volt battery, which is about 12" from the new outlet. If I ever use my Tesla tire inflator, I don't have to use the outlet in the console. Our Model 3 has white seats so I'm taking extra care.
Reserved 5/1/2016
Ordered 6/27/2018
Edit Button Removed 10/12/2018
Text Contact from IDA 10/17/2018
Delivery Scheduled 11/7/2018