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Your car is sick! Gotta ask if you went with gloss on the chrome delete and if your wheels 20’s or 19’s? They sure look like 20’s in the pics. Last question is How hard are those wheels (assuming gloss powder coated) to keep clean and free of scratches (cleaning and road debris not curb rash)?

Again man by far one of the best looking Model 3’s on this site. Nice job!!
Hi. Thanks for the input on the MPP coil install by California motor sport. If I may ask. What was the cost for the install including alignment. ?
Email me here:

We haven't established a price for the 3 beyond a search. If you want to review that and see if you want to make an offer on it we will consider it!

Thanks for your interest in our Model 3!
My car is identical to yours but mine is red and I picked it up 1 week before you.
My supercharging info says until Aug 24, 2019 so got 9 months!
Thanks for post!
Wow... thanks, maybe I'll call Tesla. Did you ever Test drive a Tesla prior to buying?
Did you still have your lightning cable that you were willing to part with?
just shipped it out this week. Sorry
Hey Garlan, I saw you're willing to offer a test drive and I'd love to take you up on it if you're able. Let me know. Thanks!
if the other guy doesnt take it.
I can pay pal you funds ASAP. in in san jose CA
Righto. Will surely let you know if something falls through.
Hey Danny, No worries the biggest thing is just to drive a model 3, especially if it has EAP. Let me know when you have time and we can make it happen. Thank you
I just got back from lunch today. How about we plan tomorrow. Are you able to meet up during lunchtime? I can make an hour or so available anytime between 11am and 2pm.
Sounds great! How about you text me where you’d like to meet at 630.947.9941
Hello Kenriko.

This is my first post to any Tesla forum.

My LR AWD Model 3 is being delivered to me Clear Lake, Texas on Tuesday. I have already ordered a brushed metal kit from you through Amazon and I am interested in some of your other vinyl kits.

My question is this, since I am physically close to your shop, may I visit your shop so that I may pay for an install of a variety of your products?
Hey nice car! I have a spring install question. Did you just use rental spring compressors (oreilys, etc) to do the job?
Trying to reach you but I don't see a private message or email link and I don't use twitter, please email me at my address on file so I can reply to you as we are trying to get the word out about something that happened to a couple of Tesla owners yesterday.
You mentioned being in Lexington a couple of times a week. I was looking to check out a model 3 if you're available sometime soon.
I don't seem to be able to send you a DM. I'm in Rochester - not too far. If you ever end up driving north towards Syracuse, please let me know, I'd love a ride in a model 3 and I'd be happy to buy you lunch in gratitude. If I end up in the vicinity of Binghamton, I'll let you know too. Thanks!