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Contacted my service center (90 miles one way) to see about getting a repair. Was told phone queue wait was over one hour. Asked If I would like a callback, I agreed. It has been 3 days now and no callback. Not good service at all. I can understand busy and waiting for an appointment, I don't understand being ignored. Please, Elon fix this issue with customer service.
Installed a waterproof 12 volt power outlet in the Frunk. It was an interesting and enjoyable project. The outlet is fused an connects to the 12 volt battery, which is about 12" from the new outlet. If I ever use my Tesla tire inflator, I don't have to use the outlet in the console. Our Model 3 has white seats so I'm taking extra care.
Reserved 5/1/2016
Ordered 6/27/2018
Edit Button Removed 10/12/2018
Text Contact from IDA 10/17/2018
Delivery Scheduled 11/7/2018
2018 Model 3 LR AWD, Red, with White interior.
We used Restore FX Clear effects. In Bellingham Wa. we did our new (1 week old) in ceramic. The car required 2 hours of minor paint correction. The paint correction and coating was 500.00 Plus tax. very reasonable and the result was FANTASTIC! I can whole heartily recommend this company
Hello Mr. Page. You are doing great work. I was wondering about why Mr.Kenneth Bokor is not able to come on the podcasts nowadays. It was always great to listen to his perspective and views. Can you please tell some updates about him.
I am day one in-store reservation holder waiting for SR ( +PUP may be if I get lucky)
Ken is now running the EVRevolution show YouTube channel and podcast. I decided to refocus on Model 3 Owners Club
Delivered Sept. 21 in Dallas. Took the TRE over (no trade-in), walked the last mile, rewarded with a fast & efficient delivery experience.
Just got a model 3 and having problems using the phone app. Problem “Wake Up” just sits there. Is anyone in Fort Collins having same problem?
Sounds stupid I know, but it happened to me because I’d turned off Bluetooth for some reason. Never again!
Thanks for everyone's patience today while we did the forum upgrade. I know some of you went through withdrawal but we're on solid footing for the future!
Hi, Ian. I'm anxious to get some FCO4's for my P3D+ for road trips (I've bought a set of Michelin Primacy MXM4 takeoffs...) so I'm hoping to get word of when the new improved FCO4's (machining for P3D+ rear hubs) are available to the dealers (esp. Do you have any forecast for that date? I apologize for being a PITA but I can't stop the itch, dammit.
Mad Hungarian
Mad Hungarian
Yes, final test set of machined rings went on my car yesterday and they’re perfect! Already in production and our dealers will be able to order as of Monday. Note they will need to call the order in as it won’t appear in our online ordering system for about a week or so.